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Ep. 93: Nationalize All Of The Things

Ep. 93: Nationalize All Of The Things

Amazon is fast approaching $1 trillion dollars in valuation. It's CEO makes $230,000 every minute. It's "disrupting" industries from retail to shipping with plans to "disrupt" banking to health insurance. Furthermore, it operates more or less as a planned economy. Google, Facebook, Apple, and other tech giants are so large that they are becoming monopolies, not to mention "too-big-to-fail." Many writers have discussed the possibility of "trustbusting"--breaking these giants up--but would that really solve the problem? In this episode, we propose, rather, that some measure of public ownership and public control would be a preferable option.

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Ep. 92: KISS KISS, YANG YANG (UBI 2020?)

Ep. 92: KISS KISS, YANG YANG (UBI 2020?)