Future Left is a podcast and sometimes blog about all things at the intersection of left politics and “futurism.” We’re explicitly interested in topics revolving around technology, climate change, and alternative economic and social arrangements. We aim to articulate the failures or the current system while proposing new paradigms toward a more sustainable and egalitarian society.

Explicitly, we oppose a future dominated by capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. Explicitly, we envision a society based on labor’s control of the economy and the abolition of historical systems of social domination and control.

Some of our favorite episodes include:

If you have any feedback for us--praise, recommendations, or criticism (we aren’t perfect!)--you can always feel free to reach out to us publicly on Facebook and Twitter or privately at adam@futureleft.org or casey@futureleft.org.

Finally, if what you see above or have heard on our podcast sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we very much welcome people to pitch us on podcast discussions or blog posts. If you really, really want to be a part of this thing of ours, Future Left is actively looking for a third co-host to join Adam and Casey. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ to apply. Simply send us a CV (less important) and a few paragraphs (more important) about what you’d like to talk about and why. Again, just send an email to adam@futureleft.org and casey@futureleft.org with the subject line “Third Co-Host.”


Get Involved--It's Your Future.


We're on the look out for passionate people to contribute to this new project of ours. If you're interested in contributing original content to Future Left, we'd be thrilled to hear your ideas. Please send a resume and a few pitch ideas to adam@futureleft.org.  The bolder the better!


The future isn't just about us. We're looking to build partnerships with labor unions, tech startups, environmental activists, foreign policy think tanks and everything in between. We want to exchange ideas, share content, and support each others efforts. Contact us at adam@futureleft.org to know more.