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Ep. 49: The Future According to Women--A Conversation With Emily Empel

Have you noticed that discussions about the future are overwhelmingly dominated by men? Elon Musk this; Ray Kurzweil that; Zoltan Istvan hit me with a wiffle ball bat... The point is there is an obvious deficit in the futurology landscape, but it isn't because women working on futures--they're just not being amplified as much as their male counterparts. To that end we reached out to Emily Empel, editor of The Future According to Women, to get a sense of what she's learned talking with women about the future.

In addition to being the editor of this volume, Emily is a futurist in her own right and the head of a foresight consultancy team at Idea Couture. You can follow her on twitter here.

The Future According to Women is a must-read mix of interviews with CEOs, video-game developers, and fiction writers. It's a phenomenal. So read it! https://miscmagazine.com/the-future-according-to-women/

And if you're looking to diversify the voices your being exposed to when thinking about the future, this list (sent us by Emily!) is a great resource: List of the World's Top Female Futurists. http://rossdawson.com/blog/list-of-the-worlds-top-female-futurists/

Coming up next week: Big episode 50! We're launching a new logo, an opening theme song! We're really moving up. We've alluded to it in recent episodes, but the topic of big Episode 50 will be the next four years under President Trump and what looks to be a very far-right leaning administration.

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