Michael Bufano is a Co-Founder of and contributor to Future Left. He attended Clemson University in South Carolina, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in history with a focus on the Middle East.  Following graduation, he moved to Egypt, where he heads the Social Science department at the Modern Education Schools in New Cairo.  He is finishing a second master’s degree in Comparative Political Science with a specialization in the Middle East at the American University in Cairo.

In terms of personality, Michael is obnoxious and disliked by many because of his inability to filter the words that come out of his mouth.  However, this personality disorder has served him well in a career that involves questioning the status quo and sticking it to the man.  He also has an unhealthy obsession with early nineties grudge music, Italian food, and pretending that he is better than other people.  More importantly, he loves learning, teaching, and writing about topics that are critical to the future of our species.  At Future Left, Michael covers Labor, Trade, & Economy. You can also follow him on Twitter, if you're into that.