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FUTURE LEFT PODCAST EP.7:  Open Access Revolution?

FUTURE LEFT PODCAST EP.7: Open Access Revolution?

In this week's Bleeding Edge news chat we talk about the recent tragedy in Orlando and the implications for both gun control efforts and countering violent extremism. In an abrupt turn toward the absurd, we also talk about having sex with robots. But our main discussion this week is about the future of Open Access. With the European Union aiming to have all scientific research freely accessible to the public by 2020 what does this mean for academia? Furthermore what are the implications on other forms of intellectual property, notable patents--do the protect or prevent innovation?

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Time Stamps:
Mass Shooting in Orlando: 1:49
Robo-Sex: 12:03
Open Access Science: 25:40
Patents and Innovation: 43:11

Bleeding Edge Roundup

Bleeding Edge Roundup