Adam Simpson is the founder, director, and brother-leader of Future Left. Originally from the Democratic People’s Republic of Texas, Adam completed his undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis before traveling on to Egypt to get his Master’s Degree from the American University in Cairo. He is now based in Washington, DC.

When he’s not grinding his teeth at the day’s news, he currently works at the Democracy Collaborative as a Program Associate for The Next System Project. Previously, he has worked with the Atlantic Council, the American Task Force on Palestine, and Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain.

At Future LeftAdam is the founder and director in addition to the Co-Host of the Future Left Podcast. His professional background revolves around Middle East politics, but most of his work now focuses on monetary policy, banking, and--of course--workforce automation. He’s been published in The Daily BeastThe NationalThe Yemen Times, and elsewhere.

You can follow his caffeine addled musings on Twitter, review his credentials on LinkedIn, and contact him directly at